ďÖI lost my leg as a kid. You know, when youíre in high school, you think youíre immortal. You do crazy things. I was racing my air cycle around Horsetooth Reservoir and was doing great. If youíve never done it, itís like flying; you feel free; like gravity no longer has a hold on you. Problem is your flying twenty-four inches off the ground. Going 60Ö70Ö80 miles an hour that close to mother earth feels a lot different than going that fast one hundred feet, or even twenty feet, up. And, when your air jet sucks in a rabbit, well, itís toast, but so are you.

ďAnyway, the doctors told me my leg was crushed and couldnít be repaired. I know that was a lie! ÖBut I donít blame them. The government says my leg wasnít worth the cost of repairing it. What could the hospital do? We didnít have the money to pay the cost. So, I live with this prosthetic extension attached to my knee. But, as you can see, most people canít even tell itís not real when Iím in uniform.

ďBut, you know, Iím not one to just let life happen to me. Too many people do that. Like, you can look around at folks pretty much anywhere. Most of them are happy to be taken care of. They just settle into the routine that our government officials expect. Let Big Brother take care of you; you deserve it. Now donít get me wrong. I love our country; look where I am today. Yeah, how many people could be here talking with you like this. Itís just that too many people donít feel that real power for change is inside each one of us. I know I didnítÖat first.

ďBut my great-grandfather used to talk to me about it. He remembered a time when the people had the power for change instead of our national leaders. Individuals had the right to succeed or fail on their own. The government just provided the framework in which they lived. He told me, Boy, never forget you can determine your future yourself. Donít ever expect any regime to have your interests in mind when making decisions. No matter how much power government takes from us, every individual can make decisions that can change his future. You can become whatever you want to be. Yeah, thatís what I remember most about him. He believed I could be whatever I wanted to be.Ē

Interviewer: ďSo, Mr. Myers, why did you choose to become a janitor?Ē