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About Me
P.O. Box 927
Windsor, Colorado 80550
email: tom@macyplace.com

Born: 2/12/48
Married to Sandra M. Macy
Three children: Sarah, Rachel, Adam

Educational History:
   Windsor High School, 1966
   Colorado State University, 1970, BS (with distinction) in Mathematics
   Southern Methodist University, 1994, MS in Telecommunications Management

I grew up as the son of a small town weekly newspaper editor. With no lack of paper, I "wrote" from before I could write. But, as life happened, I immersed myself in my growing family and my computer programming career. My writing was limited to a little time here and there, but mostly in my church. I wrote short stories, composed Bible studies, and just plain loved researching and writing. Then, in 2003, I came across the account of Rebecca Ann Johnson and, after verifying its authenticity, decided it was begging to be told.

In 1848, Ann dresses in men’s clothing and signs on to a whaling ship to hunt down and kill the man who “ruined” her. She soon learns that a whaling voyage often lasts three years and that the odds of finding the particular ship on which her nemesis sails is near zero. She has committed herself to perhaps the most vile and dangerous of any profession. Most men could not do what she did in 1848. First Fury is the first book in a trilogy. Based on the true story of Rebecca Ann Johnson, this is a tale of redemption from bitterness.

Ruined is the second book. During the California Gold Rush, Ann and Bekah forge an unlikely bond. When twelve-year-old Bekah is abandoned by her father after her mother passes away, Ann adopts the girl into her life. Just as they are planning to head East, Bekah’s father returns and coaxes his daughter back to him; but life with her dad is far from ideal. Depicting the ravages of sexual victimization, Ruined chronicles the journeys of Ann and Bekah who must withstand a precarious wilderness before them and within them. As the tragic story unfolds you are enticed to join them on their journey while beckoned to explore and contend with your monsters. Will the pair be able to overcome their trials and meet again?

Till Her Heart Dances is the third and final book in the Fury series. In 1851, four unlikely friends head east to Nantucket and grapple with the various facets of love. Love can overcome emotional catastrophes; it can console and heal. But love has many faces — love can also be a demon! Theirs is a risky journey through Indian Territory and an equally unforgiving land dotted by roaming buffalo, wildlife and frightening forces of nature with nothing more than a wagon, horses and dry supplies.

To help me in my writing, I have documented those aspects of the craft that I find most useful. They have been implemented in a Microsoft Word Add-in called Story Planner Tools. It implements help with story structures, character development, showing emotions, and parsing for common syntax errors. It requires the Windows operating system. It has not been tested on versions of Word greater than 2013. Story Planner Tools is a free download.

My relationship with Jesus is a significant part of my daily life. I have found serving in a faith family of Baptists to be most rewarding. So it was that, when my pastor talked about the history of Baptists in terms of rebels and troublemakers, another writing challenge presented itself. I researched what he said and discovered that many of the issues we fought over in the past are still issues today. Wouldn't that make an interesting Bible study?! I thought. And to make it even more intriguing, why not present each period in the context of a short story! In looking at the character of people involved in these times of change, courage is what set them apart. Their courage came from their faith. The Courage of Your Faith series was the result.

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