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Is SIN a “soft” word?

Have you ever noticed how the extensive use of a word will minimize the significance of the underlying principle? Could “SIN” be such a word?


A couple Sundays ago, we had an interesting Bible Study discussing the nature of evil and God’s sovereignty. As the discussion progressed, one of the members sat bolt upright, leaned forward, and said, “I never thought of it like this before…When I say I daily must deal with sin in my life, what I am really saying is that I must deal with evil in my life. That makes it a whole lot more significant. We all have sin in our lives; we say it in church, at home, and in our Bible studies. But, what it really means is that there is evil in my life; and I have a tendency toward EVIL!”

Has our use of the word “SIN” softened its meaning? “SIN” is something we should hate as much as God does. Do we?

The Real Moby Dick

In preparation for the Launch Party, I looked for YouTube videos I could run in the background. Surprise!!! I found one that showed whaling as it was and told the story of the Essex. While Ann is waiting to be transferred to the Christopher Mitchell, she listens to a crewman tell the story of the sinking of the Essex. She immediately begins to doubt the decision to which her anger has driven her. Sandy and I watched the documentary and it’s good.

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