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The Real Moby Dick

In preparation for the Launch Party, I looked for YouTube videos I could run in the background. Surprise!!! I found one that showed whaling as it was and told the story of the Essex. While Ann is waiting to be transferred to the Christopher Mitchell, she listens to a crewman tell the story of the sinking of the Essex. She immediately begins to doubt the decision to which her anger has driven her. Sandy and I watched the documentary and it’s good.

2 thoughts on “The Real Moby Dick”

  1. Fascinated with Moby Dick connection. I am descended from Silvanus Macy. My sister and I are coming tommorow to the Nantucket area thru Saturday to explore our roots. Would be fun to meet any relatives. 315-408-7834

    1. Nantucket is a great place to visit. We live in Windsor, Colorado. One of the interesting things we saw on our visit was the monument to the first settlers. It’s an engraved stone marker in the original cemetery. When we were there, we had to search for the marker. It was not a usual tourist destination.Picture of the marker.

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