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Where Did These Terms Come From

Researching First Fury, provided some side benefits. One was that it answered questions I never knew I had; but, after the research, I knew I should have asked. Did you ever wonder about where these came from?

  • Why is the toilet sometimes called a “head”?
  • Why are office rumors sometimes referred to as “scuttlebutt”?
  • Why is a hard time sometimes called “trying”?
  • Why do some people refer to discarding something as “deep sixing” it?
  • Why do some people yell “shake a leg” to motivate someone to move faster?
  • Where does the term “son of a gun” come from?
  • When someone is not making sense, why are they sometimes said to have “three sheets to the wind”?
  • Why would someone dressed poorly be called a “clod hopper”?

You can find the answers at Where Did These Terms Come From in the Fun Stuff link at First Fury. These phrases became part of Ann’s vocabulary.

More pictures and resources are available on the book’s web site by clicking the “Pictures, Notes, Docs, etc” link.

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