Wow! The Island of Kosrae

In First Fury, Ann’s ship, the Christopher Mitchell, stops at the island of Kosrae, known at the time as Strong’s Island. Then, as now, it was also called “the island of the sleeping lady” because of its shape. It is off the regular tourist routes and largely unspoiled.

One of Kosrae’s greatest attractions is the clear, clean ocean. Underwater visibility averages around 200 feet. As an additional attraction to divers, living coral reefs completely surround the island. Some sources say these reefs are thousands of years old.

The ruins of Lelu, like the statues of Easter Island, are one of the marvels of the Pacific. These ruins are remnants of a royal city that was surrounded by walls 20 feet high. Archaeologists estimate the construction took several hundred years and was finished about 1400 A.D.

From the middle of the 19th century, missionaries had a great influence on the culture. Neither drugs nor alcohol are a problem; visitors must dress modestly; and no activities are allowed on Sundays.

In First Fury, while sitting atop one of the walls, Ann’s romantic nature takes over. What kind of reaction would you expect from seamen who see her as a boy of 16 or 17?

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