Ann’s Home in Rochester, NY

In 2002, I took a business trip to Rochester, New York. Sandy went with me; and, after the work was done, we spent some time tracking the path followed by Ann. Since she gave her address as 22 Oak Street in Rochester, we began there. The Erie Canal at that point no longer exists, though one can still see where it once was. From 22 Oak Street, the Kodak Office building is seen in the distance. The street ends at Frontier Stadium. On the First Fury web site “Pictures, Notes, and Docs” link, you can find an 1851 map and more pictures.

According to The Rochester Daily Democrat of August 22, 1849, page 2, column 2, “The Rochester Sailor Girl,” Ann said she was abandoned in Port Jackson but that Port Gibson is what she meant. So we traveled to Port Gibson, east of Rochester. Since 2002, our pictures of Port Gibson have been “misplaced.” We will need another trip to take contemporary pictures of the place where she cut her hair, bound herself, and donned the dress of a man.

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