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Vote Party, Not Person

In a two party republic like ours, every #election is a vote for policy not for a person. In the last election, many Christians refused to vote for a Mormon so we got Obamacare, a liberal Supreme Court, turmoil in the Middle East, a faltering economy, terrorism on our doorsteps….If our last election was critical, this one is even more so; it will set the direction of our country for decades to come. And yet we have #Romney saying he cannot vote for #Trump. Other people in the #Republican leadership say the same thing!


Some folks don’t like Cruz. Others hate Trump. Still others don’t want to vote for an establishment candidate like Kasich. There’s all kinds of reasons NOT to vote. BUT to hold your nose and turn away from the voting booth is to give the other party’s policies a foothold. No matter how bad you think a candidate is, a citizen in a Republic like ours should vote; hold your nose if you must, but vote!

Power to the People! Vote Republican!


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